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Single plane belt software 1800 Yuan/

From October 1, 2010, starts the following preferential benefit over value meal activity:

The seal machine + arranges the chapter of software + newest map storage + fashionable seal material + commonly used material =2200 Yuan then to start doing business

One: Buys machine free present photosensitive specialized software set of spot here to examine
Two: Buys machine the free present newest wedding vector diagram storehouse complete set
Three: Buys machine the free present newest cartoon vector diagram storehouse complete set
Four: Buys machine the present common present seal material (approximately value 300 Yuan)
Five: Buys machine the present common commonly used seal material (approximately value 300 Yuan)
Six: Free maintains for 4 years

B1107 drawer photosensitive seal machine all parts are import the part

Free maintains for 4 years
Same profession climax technology molding machine

Complete machine quality: 6000 grams

The complete machine length and breadth is high: 29.5*13.2*17 centimeter

B1107 photosensitive seal machine sequence of operation:

1107 photosensitive machine manufacture flows:
1) the photograph which gains in the computer (for example photoshop, CroelDRAW and so on) processes after the graphics software, with the laser printer will manufacture the good photograph picture sample manuscript printing on the film. Must guarantee that the quality of picture is clear, the outline is distinct, the contrast gradient is good.

2) according to sample manuscript specification cover in transparent to make public membrane, its size take completely covers the sample manuscript as the standard.

3) the photosensitive seal pad, to make public membrane, the printing sample manuscript three between order and faces is: The seal pad in to make public box's lowest level, the intermediate level is to make public membrane, third to print the sample manuscript, under printing surface dynasty. Three steady close contacts, middle refuse to have the gap type fold in turn. Will expose the box top head to cover, by to make public box glass viewing position whether buckles to good and the clockwise rotation card its compaction, then puts in to make public box the drawer relevant position to close the drawer.

4) puts through the power source, and turns on the power switch, the triggering photosensitive machine to make public button, the machine starts to charge and automatic to make public.

5) the photosensitive seal pad great variety, the different seal pad needs the different to make public energy. For to all photosensitive seal pad can precise to make public, this aircraft use may the adjustment type potentiometer by lower to the high score is 10 levels, may to make public. when (primary use, suggested that the user uses the bits and pieces to test first suits this Zhang Dian best to make public voltage value. If regarding certain domestically produced photosensitive pad's to make public voltage value: The parachment paper hits the manuscript for printing 6-8 levels, the film hits the manuscript for printing 4-6 levels). Waits the triggering photosensitive machine to make public button namely to start to charge, the voltage achieves when this chapter of pad needs to make public voltage, automatically will complete to make public.

6) pulls open the drawer, the counterclockwise rotation bayonet socket loosens to make public box, takes out to make public photosensitive pad, uncovers the film.

7) puts in to make public good ink pad in corresponding Zhang Ke, causes an ink pad chapter of shell with the AB rubber to be reliable.

8) pours into the scalar printer's ink according to the seal specification, after the printer's ink absorbs evenly the distribution, then pays the customer use.

Four years free maintain, lifelong provide the technical support and the service! Company free present technology teaching compact disc.

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